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Ignorance is Bliss…

Since the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, I have spent a lot of time debating the issue with some conservatives.  This isn’t another attempt to do that.  This is a discussion of the problems I have with debating these people.  I have a fairly simple request when I debate people…support your arguments.  … Continue reading


This blog is stepping away from the political realm for a minute (for the most part).  I wanted to discuss a concept many people don’t even know exists.  It is called “ubuntu.”  There have been many champions of the ubuntu philosophy.  One of the most respected people who discussed this issue is Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  … Continue reading

Healthcare Reform Defined for the Conservative Mind

For all of my conservative friends – here’s a way for you to think about the health care reform without being too upset. First, just assume that the government just levied a 1% tax on everyone. That’s obviously within their power. Now, you don’t have to like it, but there’s nothing unconstitutional about it. Next, … Continue reading

Election 2012: Romney Economics

It’s time. I’m going on the offensive against Romney. It has pretty much been decided that Romney is going to be the Republican candidate. If, for some reason, Ron Paul pulls of his coup at the convention and is able to secure the nomination I’ll move my sights on to him. For now, we’ll attack … Continue reading

Run! Aliens! a.k.a. Entitlement…Part 3: Immigration

Immigration…finally! I’ve been teasing you with a post about immigration for a while now. Well, the time has come. There have been a few developments in the immigration debate lately. The President has issued an executive order to remove deportation proceedings from student aliens. Romney has been incredibly silent on an issue he knows can … Continue reading


Earmarks! Conservative! Liberal! Amnesty! Illegals! Taxes! Spending! Obamacare! Jobs! Debt! Job Creators! Heard enough? Are you ready to walk into the polls and cast your vote for me? No? Why not? Most likely, you will walk into the polls and vote for a candidate this November with little more than a list of buzzwords you … Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS RANT: Regulating the VAGINA! And other nonsense…

Unbelievable! Two representatives in the Michigan legislature have been completely silenced because of what they had to say about a proposed abortion bill. Here are the details from the Detroit News: House Republicans tried to silence two female Democratic lawmakers Thursday for floor outbursts a day earlier referencing male sterilization and a female sex organ. … Continue reading