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Who’s Your Daddy?

I love New York City. I’ve only been fortunate enough to visit once, but it was fantastic. I’ve wondered what my life would have been like if I had moved to New York when I was younger. With Mayor Bloomberg’s antics lately, I’m pretty glad I didn’t. Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy? I really … Continue reading

A Taxing Issue

A storm is brewing in Congress.  I can’t imagine why that would happen a few months before an election.  Can you?   Anyway…this battle is over tax breaks.  Democrats in Congress are pushing to extend Bush-era tax breaks to the middle class while letting the tax breaks expire for the wealthy.  Republicans are doing exactly the … Continue reading

And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

On our continuing series pointing out the stupidity and hate that so many are trying to pass as acceptable in our country today, I give you Anthony Ray Jenkins.  This moron, and his idiot cousin, are facing charges including kidnapping, assault, and violation of the Matthew-Shepard-James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (that’s even too … Continue reading

Ghosts of Mississippi are Back

Wow.  Bigots aren’t even trying any more.  They’re coming out in full force now. A black couple in Mississippi was told the day before their wedding that they would have to find a new venue because the church that they had booked had never performed a black wedding and the bigots in the church didn’t … Continue reading

Class Act Award: Morgan Freeman

I’m in a blogging mood today! I might set a personal blogging record if I don’t quit seeing things that interest me. This one goes out to Mr. Morgan Freeman. My aunt posted a picture online of Morgan Freeman. Under the picture was the text of an interview Mr. Freeman did with CBS. This interview … Continue reading

The Mitt’s Really Beginning to Hit the Fan

I’m not sure Twitt Romney could make this easier for people like myself, even if he tried. There has been a big question about his credentials in the foreign relations field. Knowing this, Romney’s campaign decided they should send him overseas to meet with leaders in the UK. Within days, Mitt has figured out a … Continue reading

The Chick-fil-A Saga Continues…

Previously, I did an update to the post Douchebag Businessman Award:  Chick-fil-A.  Normally there isn’t a whole lot to update about these articles so one or two updates is enough.  It appears that the Chick-fil-A debacle is not going to be typical.  Instead of doing a bunch of updates on the original post, I figured … Continue reading

Is Capitalism Destroying the Educational System?

I’m excited about this one because I know I’m going to hear about it. I woke up this morning and followed my daily routine of scrolling through “Your Morning Addiction.” – a list of articles on Addicting Info posted by Justin Rosario. I happened upon an article by Ann Werner titled The GOP Myth – … Continue reading

Tragedy in Colorado

I’m starting this with a message to those affected by this tragedy.  You have my deepest sympathy for your loss.  I pray for you all and your families.  This goes out to those who were hurt mentally and physically as well as those who had loved ones killed in this senseless tragedy.  I’ve been saying … Continue reading

Class Act Award: Peyton Manning

This award is one that is close to my heart.  If you know me, you know that I am a die-hard Colts fan.  I bleed blue.  I yell at the television, stomp my feet, throw fits like a child, scream, yell, and cheer like a maniac during games.  Last year was painful for me, but … Continue reading