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Do You Approve?

I’ve been fairly quiet for the past couple of days.  Most of that can be contributed to the fact that I have been working on setting up a website and social networking presence for someone else.  But I’ve also been watching the headlines, looking for something to jump on.  The sad part is that there really hasn’t been much that I found interesting enough to write about. 
I could write 50 different blogs about how Mitt Romney is shady and won’t release his tax records because he doesn’t want to fuel the fire that was sparked by his lies about Bain and his overseas accounts.  I could even write about how the Boy Scouts proved that they were still stuck in the past by refusing to change their attitude towards homosexuals.  But, that’s not really a surprise.  So I tried to change my thought process around the election, and here’s what occurred to me…
The sad truth is that the political landscape today is one of a country in its decline.  Look at what has happened in the last couple of days in our Presidential election.  Has anyone really said anything about issues?  No.  It’s become a war of words.  One camp accusing the other of impropriety and the other accusing the first of an attempt to smear and vice versa.  Blah blah blah.  The news about all of this is fun when it first hits, but it lasts for days on end. 
On top of that, you have the worst rated Congress in history.  I’m not kidding.  Gallup is generally considered the standard that is used for these ratings.  The current approval rating for Congress is 16%.  The scary part – THAT’S AN IMPROVEMENT!  The rating was at record low of 10% in February. 
We’re tearing ourselves apart in our fights over who will be our President; meanwhile, we keep electing these idiots into Congress.  Only one out of every 10 people approve of our representatives.  Obviously, they aren’t doing a very good job of representing us. 
I’m proposing a new theory, why don’t we ignore the banter about the Presidential election.  The average Presidential approval rating runs about 54%.  However, we ignore much of the Congressional election for a group that only has a 10% approval rating.  To get an idea of exactly how low that is, here is a graph showing the approval ratings of some other people and ideas:
Adapted from this article.
Did you find Congress?  It’s all the way to the right between Hugo Chavez and Polygamy.  That would be below things like socialism, lawyers, Nixon during Watergate, BP During the Oil Spill, and the U.S. Going to Communism.  Yes, more people approve of the U.S. becoming communist than the job that our Congress is doing.  So why are we spending so much time and effort fighting over a position that half of us generally approve of, when we have a bunch of yahoo’s in Congress with whom almost none of us approve.  While Congressional approval ratings have always been relatively low, they have never remained this poor.  Between 1974 and 2005, the ratings only dipped below 20% twice.  From 1998 through 2005, the rating was between 40 and 60%.  Since 2010, the rating has averaged 17%.  That’s pitiful. 
Without going too far into the reasons why this is happening, I urge you to take a minute out of your busy lives and look into your local and state congressional elections.  Ask yourself if you are willing to put someone back in office that is only getting a 16% approval rating.  I’m not. 


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