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Tragedy in Colorado

I’m starting this with a message to those affected by this tragedy.  You have my deepest sympathy for your loss.  I pray for you all and your families.  This goes out to those who were hurt mentally and physically as well as those who had loved ones killed in this senseless tragedy. 

I’ve been saying this for a while now (personally, not on my blog).  Many of the lunatics who commit crazy acts like the shooting in Colorado are doing so to see their name in the press.  Of course, it’s the nature of our curiosity to give the shooter press coverage.  People want to know who he is and why he did it.  The problem is that many of these people are in it for the press.  They know we will talk about them and they want the attention.  It creates a situation in which we are giving these monsters the very motivation for their acts.  I would love to see the press use terms such as “the shooter” instead of the names of the lunatics.  Don’t feed their egos.
Today, President Obama visited the victims of the shooting in Colorado.  He spent time with the victims – he grieved with them, laughed with them, and shared their stories.  However, what really impressed me is that, in his approximately five minutes of remarks after his visits, the President didn’t mention the shooter’s name once.  He refused to give the man the press that he wanted from the tragedy.  I love this.  This maniac does not deserve to have his name immortalized by killing and hurting these people. 
I have followed suit in this blog, and I encourage all websites, social network posters, and media outlets to do the same.  Let’s not give him what he wants.  Let’s make him pay for his crimes, not only with the justice system, but also by making him the nameless shooter.  Instead, let’s remember the names of the victims.

Those killed in Colorado

Jessica Ghawi, 24, of Denver; aspiring sports journalist

Veronica Moser, 6, whose mother was critically injured

Matt McQuinn, 27, of Denver; technical support provider
Alex Sullivan, 27, of Aurora; worked at Red Robin restaurant
Micayla Medek, 23, of Westminster, Colo.

John Larimer, 27, of Buckley Air Force Base and Crystal Lake, Navy cryptologist
Jesse Childress, 29, of Thornton, Colo., Air Force cyber-systems operator

Gordon W. Cowden, 51

Jonathan T. Blunk, 26

Alexander J. Boik, 18

Rebecca Ann Wingo, 32 (No picture available)
Alexander C. Teves, 24, earned master’s degree in counseling psychology in June from University of Denver (No picture available)



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