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And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

On our continuing series pointing out the stupidity and hate that so many are trying to pass as acceptable in our country today, I give you Anthony Ray Jenkins.  This moron, and his idiot cousin, are facing charges including kidnapping, assault, and violation of the Matthew-Shepard-James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act (that’s even too long of a name for a decent acronym – I’ll refer to it as the MSJB Act).  

The attack on the victim, Kevin Pennington, actually involved the two idiot twins, Anthony’s sister, and his wife.  The story is stated as follows:

Pennington was invited by Mable and Alexis Jenkins to go on an evening drive, but once he saw David and Anthony Jenkins in the truck, he asked to be taken home, according to an FBI affidavit. At one point the truck stopped in front of a downed tree and Anthony and David Jenkins pulled Pennington out of the truck and attacked him, according to the affidavit.
The men hit him and kicked him while “making anti-homosexual statements,” according to the affidavit.

Pennington escaped, ran to a ranger station, broke a window to get inside and called police. Pennington suffered injuries to his back, face, neck and ear in the attack at the mountaintop Appalachian park.
In true jackass form, these guys think that they are big men when ganging up to beat someone, but won’t admit their crimes.  They are challenging the MSJB Act by saying that it creates arbitrary classes of people.  I’ve done so much debating about homosexuality in the last few days that I refuse to go into yet again.  I will just point you back to my posts about homosexuality, gay marriage, and the jackass at Chick-fil-A. 
Moving on to these two shining examples of lunacy.  First, they will lose this argument.  The Supreme Court has already upheld hate crimes protection in the law.  In Wisconsin v. Mitchell (1993), the Court upheld the increased penalties of hate crimes laws stating that these laws 
“[single] out for enhancement bias inspired conduct because this conduct is thought to inflict greater individual and societal harm. For example, according to the State and its amici, bias motivated crimes are more likely to provoke retaliatory crimes, inflict distinct emotional harms on their victims, and incite community unrest.”
Now I’m no attorney, but the decision of the Court in this case seems to prove that the law isn’t creating a separate class of individuals.  Instead, it is providing a more severe punishment in cases that are likely to cause greater harm to an individual or society.  I seriously doubt that these guys are going to get the Court to reverse this previous decision.  
Hopefully they enjoyed that little attack because they are going to prison for a while after this.  I wonder if they will still feel like big men when the boys in prison come calling?


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