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Who’s Your Daddy?

I love New York City. I’ve only been fortunate enough to visit once, but it was fantastic. I’ve wondered what my life would have been like if I had moved to New York when I was younger. With Mayor Bloomberg’s antics lately, I’m pretty glad I didn’t. Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy?

I really didn’t know anything about this guy until I read about his plan to make the people of New York skinnier by limiting the size of the soda cups that fast food restaurants could use. I couldn’t believe that this guy thinks that the people of New York need a babysitter to tell them how much soda they can drink. What a joke.

I dismissed it as a stupid idea that would disappear eventually and we would use it a punch line down the road. Then, I heard about Bloomberg’s comments on the Chick-fil-A mess. He says that he disagrees with the Mayors of San Fransisco, Boston, and Chicago who are making it difficult for Chick-fil-A to open new restaurants in their cities. He says it’s a First Amendment issue. Well, he’s right. They have the right to say what they want. The problem is that the city also has to determine whether or not a business is benefiting their city, or promoting discrimination. If I believed a business was going to discriminate against the people of my city, I would also tell them that I would refuse them anything I could until they had a written policy against the discrimination. That being said, Bloomberg wants to tell people how much soda they can drink, but thinks its out of bounds to tell a company that supports discrimination that they can’t open in his city without guarantees that they won’t discriminate? What the hell kind of sense does that make? He has to protect people from the evil soda and fast food companies who are making them fat, but its okay to promote discrimination because that’s a First Amendment right? (This is an example of the nonsense Bloomberg comes up with, please don’t debate Chick-fil-A on this post – I have two other blogs about that you can use.)

Now, I hear about a new initiative that he has. At first glance, I had no problem with this one. In fact, I wasn’t even going to write this blog because I thought, “That’s not bad.” Then I read the article a little more closely. Bloomberg has a voluntary initiative for hospitals to lock up their baby formula and stop giving free gifts from formula companies to new mothers. This is an effort to promote breastfeeding, which I support 100 percent. However, here’s more hypocrisy from Bloomberg. “I want to control what you drink, what you feed your baby, and whether or not certain businesses are allowed to give you free promotional products, but I can’t stop a company who promotes discrimination from entering my city because it would be wrong to try to control them.” What the hell’s wrong with this guy?

It’s not that I’m opposed to everything in this program. I think promoting breastfeeding is a great thing. I really only have two problems with it:

1. How can you tell me that its okay to stop a company from giving new parents free promotional items. I have received these items with both of my children. My oldest wasn’t able to breastfeed very long at all. My youngest was able to breastfeed for almost six months, but had to move to formula eventually. In both cases the free promotional items helped us financially. They also allowed us to try different brands to find what worked best for our child. Even if someone who chooses to breastfeed doesn’t want them, they can be given to others who will use them. All of this is only a minor irritation. My real problem is below…

2. Here is a quote from the article about the program:

“With each bottle a mother requests and receives, she’ll also get a talking-to. Staffers will explain why she should offer the breast instead.”

Now let me explain the fire storm these nurses would have to suffer if they thought for a second that they were going to give my wife and I a “talking-to.” They would hear about how they better never say anything like that again, they need to shut their mouths, and take their asses down the hall and get me what I’m asking for. And my wife would give it to them in an even less polite manner. What makes it these people’s place to give any mother a lecture? I would be willing to bet that many of the mothers that they are presuming to lecture have more experience than they do raising children.

Ultimately, we are grown men and women. There are laws that the government needs to pass to protect people, even from themselves. But why does this guy think that he needs to be a babysitter for the people of New York City? When asked what he would go after next, Bloomberg replied, “”Anything that we can think of that will improve your health.” So apparently none of the decision people make with their bodies are their own business. Daddy Bloomberg has to tell them what to do.

Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey said it best when he was asked about Bloomberg’s soda ban on Nightline:

“I just think it’s government run amok. Government run amok. People ahave to make choices. Sometimes they’re going to make good choices, sometimes they’re going to make bad choices. But I don’t think we should have a daddy state.”



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