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Ryan Proves He is Full of Crap

So Paul Ryan is going to create jobs, huh?  What a joke.  With the 10% cut in the federal workforce that Romney’s plan has in store?  That amounts to 400,000 lost jobs when he takes office.  With “tax fairness?”  So you mean that you are going to eliminate the tax breaks for the rich?  No…you mean … Continue reading

Workers FORCED to Attend Romney Event Without Pay

This is what the world will look like under Romney and the GOP.  Coal miners in Ohio were forced to attend a Romney event without pay.  Yes…forced to attend and not paid.  The CFO tried to use semantics to justify what happened: “Our managers communicated to our workforce that the attendance at the Romney event … Continue reading

Opinion vs. News…Learn the Difference

As the Republican National Convention finally gets off of the ground today, I am watching many people on my Facebook news feed respond to the coverage.  Of course most of the talk is about how horribly liberal the media is.  During the last election they said that they were swaying the coverage because their ticker … Continue reading

I Guess They’d Rather Ask Forgiveness than Permission

I have an idea for the GOP convention when they resume…change your slogan to “We Apologize and Beg Your Forgiveness.”  They seem to be giving a lot of apologies lately.  First, we had an idiot GOP representative “accidentally” say that women don’t get pregnant very often from “legitimate” rape.  Of course, he had to apologize. … Continue reading

Colts: Admit It…Gambling is Exciting!

In a move that goes to show how different this year’s Coltsteam is from previous teams…the Colts traded a second round draft pick for Miami’s cornerback Vontae Davis.  Davis, the brother of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, was a first round draft pick in 2009.  The Colts traded a second round draft pick and a … Continue reading

The Best of Corporations…the Worst of Corporations

Not often do I find companies who are really doing things right.  I have a great disdain for most large corporations.  However, every so often I find something that makes me believe that there are really some good people at the top of some corporations.  Today I saw an article like this.   The good news … Continue reading

Parents Emotional Issues Take a Toll on Children

This is the second time recently I’ve had to write about a child hurt because one or more adults can’t control themselves.  I read about this story a day or two ago. A three year old little girl, Carmen was beaten and shaken to death by her mother’s boyfriend because she soiled herself. While I … Continue reading

Be Our Guest – Except Comcast

So I’m doing an industry analysis on Disney today, and I read up on Comcast’s attempt to purchase the company.  The proposed merger, and hostile takeover, of Disney didn’t go well, and Comcast ended up abandoning the idea. I was interested because I currently use Comcast service.  I can’t stand it.  The service works poorly, … Continue reading

A Child of Rape

My wife saw this article tonight… Chicago, Illinois (CNN) — When I was in law school, my criminal law professor introduced us to the crime of rape by reading us a quote from Lord Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale, a 17th-century English jurist: “In a rape case it is the victim, not the defendant, who … Continue reading

Those Four Little Words

A blogger I follow changed his Facebook cover photo with an interesting image. It is an image of an arid field with the question “Why Does God Hate the Bible Belt?” followed by a Bible verse – Matthew 7:22. I was interested in what was meant by this so I looked up the verse. Here … Continue reading