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The Original Band is Back!

You might think I’m crazy for being excited about this, but give me a break.  I’m studying marketing.  I was watching the Olympics today and saw a freecreditscore.com (freecreditreport.com and freecreditscore.com are the same company) commercial.  I used to enjoy those commercials.  The Original Band (that is actually what they call the first band) was awesome.  Their commercials were so goofy that they were awesome. They stuck in your head.  Everyone knew them.  Then the Original Band was dumped and replaced by a band that won some contest.  Since that time, the music and commercials have stunk.

Today, I heard the commercial, looked up, and saw the Original Band!  I had to search for more information.  I found an article that confirmed what I saw.  The Original Band has been hired to do the commercials again.  According to the company, “Many fans continued to lobby for the Original Band to return.”  You think?  No offense to the replacement band, but they couldn’t compare. 

Now, the music in the new commercial wasn’t as good as it used to be becuase it was written by a a copywriter for the Martin Agency, not the band.  Apparently they have two more new commercials coming up and I’m hopeful that they get back to their old ways. 



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