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Debate for Dummies

I don’t post much about abortion on here.  I think it’s too personal of a topic and the chances that you will ever change someone’s mind is very slim to none.  I read this blog by Justin Rosario and found it amazing.  I’m not particularly interested in the subject of the discussion (because I don’t debate abortion), but I thought the way he handled the discussion was perfect.  He points out many of the pathetic tactics used to try to invalidate perfectly reasonable arguments.  I run into these tactics a lot when debating conservatives.  I’m glad I’m not the only person who recognizes them. 

Anyway, it’s a good read.  Enjoy!

Might I remind you before you read…I don’t debate abortion.  I don’t care what you believe.  I’m posting this link to show you how this person was trapped in his own lack of logic.  If you start debating abortion, don’t expect any response from me.



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