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Follow and Share!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has liked my Facebook page and read my blogs.  I can tell by page views that I am reaching some people.  I just wanted to remind everyone who hasn’t already to follow my blog and like my Facebook page. 

If you’re not sure how…here’s a quick how-to.

To follow my blog just click on “Join this Site” under “Followers” to the right. —–>  Use your Google log in, or create a new Google log in and you can follow my posts.  It’s that simple!

To like my Facebook page just click here.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory.

Finally, please share this with your family, friends, enemies, colleagues, and anyone else I can’t think of.  Talk about the issues by the water cooler (does anyone actually still do that?) and let people know how to find the blog.  If you have a website or any social networking site, please share a link to my blog!

Thank you again to all of my readers…I hope you are enjoying my blog!



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