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Election 2012: Jobs!

Job creation has been one of those stupid buzzwords that people have been using during this election.  I’ve had people tell me about how many jobs have been lost during the Obama administration.  I decided that I should address this issue.  
Before I get into the numbers, we need to understand some important information.  First, Obama took over during a horrible recession.  His policies could work to improve the situation, but jobs are going to be lost during a recession.  That had nothing to do with his administration.   

Second, unemployment and job creation are lagging indicators.  I’ve said this before, but it seems to fall on deaf conservative ears.  It’s not a debatable subject.  Job creation and unemployment changes after the economy.  If you don’t believe me look it up.  Here is a link to a short explanation of this concept.  
Considering the fact that a Presidential administration has to get into office in January, develop economic policies, put them in place, and wait for them to have an effect, there is little to no effect on job creation by a Presidential administration for quite a while after a President assumes office.  It’s impossible to determine exactly how long, but I would say we’re probably looking at around a year.  You can try to argue a different time frame, but I think this is pretty reasonable considering the amount of work necessary to make broad changes in the economy.  

Given this information, let’s take a real look at job creation during the Obama administration.  This chart shows the number of jobs created and lost each month, beginning with January of 2010:
Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics
If we sum these numbers, we will find that we have actually added over 3.9 million jobs since January of 2010.  Before you argue with me…let’s say that the job loss was only six months behind.  That’s okay…those numbers show that we have still added 2.742 million jobs.  
So the Obama administration’s policies have put millions of people back to work.  I know it’s impossible for conservatives to admit that anything the Obama administration has done is good.  I mean, it’s actually your operating platform.  But, numbers don’t lie.  Here’s a scary thought for you conservatives.  The economy only has to add 316,000 jobs in the next three months to surpass the number of jobs dating back to the day he took office.  This means he’s accounted for job loss that wasn’t in his control and conservatives won’t be able to say we’ve lost jobs!  Oh, the horror!

I even read an analysis of the correlation between unemployment and the political party of the President.  That study showed that there was a correlation between increases in unemployment with a Republican President and decreases in unemployment with Democratic Presidents.  This analysis was done by Professor L. David Roper of Virginia Tech.  

So all of the evidence points to the fact that Obama will be much more likely to improve the economy and create more jobs.  Tell me again how Republicans and Romney are better suited for economic growth.  Romney’s plan even says he plans to lay off 400,000 federal employees if he takes office.  (See my previous post on Romney Economics.)  Don’t worry conservatives.  You always have your fallback plan of directing attention to other matters when you can’t win an argument.  I’m sure we’ll start hearing about the evils of gay marriage, children with healthcare, and taxes. 
Think about this when you go to cast your vote in November.  Politicians lie…statistics don’t. 


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