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The Next Step of Hate

If you couldn’t tell…I have very strong opinions.  I discuss my point of view passionately.  I also have no problem calling people out when they deserve it.  But, as the description on my blog demands, I do have, and expect, a level of decorum in discussions.  While I will make every attempt to persuade you to see things my way.  I have never disrespected anyone who didn’t attack me first.  Perhaps even then I should work harder to maintain my etiquette.  But even in those cases, I have never crossed certain lines.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for many in the political and social realm today.  

I bring this up because someone stepped so far over one of those lines today that I believe it could almost be considered criminal.  Bryan Fischer, a conservative radio host, tweeted today about the need for an “underground railroad to deliver innocent children from same-sex households”.  This guy has actually called for people to kidnap children from their loving adopted parents.   
This is beyond insanity.  As I’ve said so many times before, what the hell is wrong with this guy?  Does homosexuality scare him so much that he advocates stealing children from their homes, their parents who love them, terrifying them, and probably causing serious psychological harm?  I’ve warned people before that this hate for homosexuals that they have been spreading is not a far cry from this kind of insanity.  It’s an inevitable progression that the total lack of decorum currently found in our social and political discourse.  
Since he was elected, I have watched as individuals, politicians, and the media have attacked the President and shown a complete lack of respect for the man or the office.  He has been interrupted by journalists during announcements and even a congressman during the State of the Union Address.  This doesn’t even get into the constant attacks on the man’s religion and birthplace.  
That kind of disrespect leads to a complete lack of partisanship in Congress.  That is followed by an inability to accomplish anything of value in Congress.  Because politicians can’t accomplish anything, they use social issues to divide the people and attract votes.  As they fan the flames of these social issues, people begin to slide further and further from reason.  Then they begin to advocate for things like kidnapping.  
I have a friend who is in a stable same sex relationship who has just been approved for adoption and is currently waiting and planning for his new child.  He is as excited as any heterosexual couple I have ever known.  With people like Fischer out there, he has to worry about someone kidnapping his new child simply because they disagree with his lifestyle.  One of my family members knows a gay couple who already has a child.  When she read this, she posted:
Just when I think I’ve heard all the hatred I could possibly hear, after moving to a state that doesn’t support my 17 year relationship, where I can still be denied housing and get fired just for being who I am, now I have to worry about my child being abducted!!!! Why every mother or parent isn’t up in arms about this boggles my mind. Imagine, “Underground Railroad to deliver innocent children from _________ (insert your foot size, height, weight, hair/eye color, religion, age, etc.) households.”

I can’t stress how scary this is for our society.  This guy even posted a link to an article about a child who was kidnapped from her gay mother and taken to Nicaragua.  Fischer calls the minister who aided in the kidnapping the “head” of his underground railroad.  According to the FBI, kidnapping is considered a violent crime.  If anyone listens to this maniac’s calls, he should be charged with inciting violence.  

While I’m sure the people that I know will denounce what Fischer said, those who are so adamantly opposed to same-sex marriage should know that they are not very far at all from this kind of insanity.  Ubuntu – when you dehumanize others, you dehumanize yourself.  Stop and think before you condemn a group of people for their choices.  
I’ll tell you the truth…I’m tired of writing about hate.  It makes me sick to constantly read and write about the worst of humanity.  From Dan Cathy to Bryan Fischer…I am sick of seeing people champion hate and anger and use the religion and the Word of God to justify what they say and do.  This is not the Word of God.  These are not Christians.  


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