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Election 2012: The Legend of Twitt Romney

The legend of Twitt Romney continues to grow.  First, he backs himself into a corner with his tax returns.  Then he makes a fool of himself on the international stage.  Now he can’t even introduce his VP candidate without looking like a fool.  Romney introduced his VP pick, Paul Ryan, by calling him, “the next president of the United States.”  It’s not the worst gaffe.  In fact, Obama did pretty much the same thing when he introduced Biden.  Except that Obama corrected himself immediately while Romney had to go back to the podium and correct himself.  Of course, McCain’s campaign took the opportunity to hammer Obama for the mistake.  Turnabout is fair play.
More importantly, let’s take a look at Ryan.  Romney has been touting a very conservative ticket for a while.  Ryan definitely delivers on that promise.  (I think that might be the first and last time he actually follows through.)  There are some good points about the pick (as far as the campaign is concerned.  First, Ryan is a much more charismatic speaker than Romney.  In fact, I would recommend that the Romney campaign shut Mitt up and just let Ryan handle the speeches.  Another good reason for picking Ryan is…wait…give me a second…okay, never mind, I’ve got nothing.  

I’ve heard some people say that it’s a good choice because it solidifies the super-conservative element of the Republican party and the tea-baggers.  This is an example of when theory and reality don’t mesh.  Theoretically, that is true.  In reality, super-conservative people and tea-baggers were not about to vote for Obama.  That isn’t a vote that Mitt was likely to lose unless he changed his economic stance to socialism.  So he really accomplished nothing, but he probably cost himself a lot of votes.  

First, Ryan’s economic beliefs lean towards changing Medicare into a voucher program that would most likely force the elderly to pay more out of pocket while giving the wealthy a major tax cut.  There goes the senior vote.  He could have chosen Senator Marco Rubio from Florida, giving him a boost in both the Hispanic vote and a battleground state.  Nope.  He could have chosen Ohio Senator Rob Portman, giving him a battleground state that may mean the difference in the election.  No Republican candidate has ever won the election without winning Ohio.   
Not to mention the fact that neither of these two has any international relations experience.  We’ve seen what happens when Romney tries his hand at international relations.  Alas, Romney’s campaign continues to make flawed decisions that make it more and more likely that Obama will win the election.  
At this time, I would like to say thank you to Twitt and his staff for the series of mistakes that are going to make it possible for Obama to stay in office.  Had they made decent decisions – like releasing the tax returns, not sending Twitt overseas to make a fool of himself, and picking a VP candidate that would actually help their cause – they may have pulled out this election and destroyed the lives of many middle class Americans.  (Oh, did you see that Romney’s new bus tour is called “The Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class?”  That actually made me laugh.  Go tell the middle class how you understand them and how cutting taxes for your wealthy friends will make the middle class stronger.)  As it stands, Republicans have likely just handed a bunch of votes to Obama.  Thank you, again.


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