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Conservative Security Advisory System

Conservative Security Advisory System

Just in:  Tea-Bagger-in-Chief raises Liberal Threat Level to red!

Since I won’t plagiarize another person’s blog, and I don’t feel like completely re-writing all of this when it has been done perfectly by another blogger…start by reading this article from Justin Rosario.

While not surprising, this is a pitiful attempt by a nut job to use fear as a motivational tool for votes. Imagine that. Didn’t I just talk about that? I’ve already condemned the shooting at the FRC – as have most liberals. The nut job (Judson) claims that this is an example of “growing violence against conservatives.” He proceeds to give an example of one case of this alleged violence in which the people who supposedly assaulted the conservative were found not guilty of even a misdemeanor charge.

So conservatives…be on your guard against all of these liberals who are terrorizing the poor innocent conservatives who are only trying to restrict people’s rights and blow up abortion clinics. Don’t let the fact that we only have one real incident fool you, this is an epidemic! All of the talk about inclusion, equal rights, peace, love, and tolerance by those crazy liberals is just a smoke screen for their crazy war-like attitudes.
Or maybe it’s just a lunatic trying to scare people into believing he makes any sense.  Just more use of fear to gain votes. If normal conservatives are bad about it…this is what you get with tea baggers.

On a fun note – as I was searching for some graphics to include in this post I typed “liberals attack” into Google and the phrase “why are liberals attacking conservatives” came up as a top search.



One thought on “Conservative Security Advisory System

  1. You have to be careful and not set yourself up as being the loon. The “Liberals” seem to have a short memory. Weren’t they the ones sounding the alarm when the last Bush was in the White House? If there would have been anything remotely similar to a Tea Party from 2000-2008, it would have been staffed primarily by Democrats and “Liberals.”

    Posted by Joe | February 20, 2015, 5:13 am

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