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A Second Chance at Life

I was thinking about wasted time tonight.  You know that old adage – youth is wasted on the young.  How true.  Imagine what you would do if you had the wisdom of age and the ability to go back to your early years.  What you could change about your life would be incredible.  You could improve your education, get that girl or boy who slipped through your fingers, or don’t get that girl or boy that didn’t slip through your fingers.  I know everyone is saying that they wouldn’t change anything for one reason or another.  You love your spouse, you love your children, yada yada yada…I’m not saying you give anything up.  Let’s say you can change the circumstances of your life and really enjoy your childhood (and adolescence) this time with the promise of still having your loved ones.  Wouldn’t that be incredible?
That line of thought got me thinking about reincarnation.  While I don’t believe in reincarnation, some people do.  I was watching my one-year old play while I was thinking about this and an interesting thought occurred to me.  In theory, one could die right after having a young child and be reborn immediately.  That means that someone could come across, or even befriend his own child.  I’m not going too far down that road because the implications can be disturbing, but imagine being able to start over and still watch your children grow up.  Imagine if fate messed up and you actually retained your memory of your old life.  You could make a better life for yourself and still remain close to your children.  Of course, you may also have to watch your spouse mourn you, move on, and find someone else to love.  Hey, it’s yin and yang, you have to take the bad with the good.  


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