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When Our Weakness Affects Our Children…it Hurts

I didn’t intend to write a second blog post tonight…but a little girl named Alex inspired me to talk about a problem that I think our officials aren’t taking very serious.  Drunk driving.  Alex is a two year-old girl who was struck by a drunk driver outside of her home.  According to her father “she has a fracture to the knee that went to the joint, she has five fractured ribs, she has a fractured wrist on the right side,” a broken leg, and tire marks on her left forearm which are four days old.  Let me say that again in case you missed it – a two-year-old girl has four-day-old tire marks on her left arm.

 This little girl is only a little older than my youngest daughter.  It literally breaks my heart to hear her father say that she was crying “owie owie.”  My little girl has just learned that and I can hear her crying that when I read this story.  As I mentioned tonight on my Facebook page, there are occasionally some stories that make me so angry that it’s hard to maintain my composure.  
First, the son of a bitch that hit this little girl is lucky to be alive.  There aren’t a lot of reasons that I would kill a man, but killing my child (or running over her with a car and driving away) is very likely one of those reasons.  I don’t care what his excuse is.  He needs to spend a very very long time in jail learning what it means to be a very large man’s girlfriend.  I know you may be saying that she should have been watched more closely so she didn’t run into the road.  That is true.  But this man was in a mobile home park full of people…he shouldn’t have been driving impaired.  That negates anything that she did.
And don’t think that I’m letting our legislators off of the hook.  I’m sick of hearing about drunk drivers hitting and killing people.  It’s not that damn complicated!  Make the penalty so severe that people will either not do it…or we won’t have to worry about them if they are caught doing it once.  Lock their asses away for the rest of their natural lives.  We should not have people leaving the scene of an accident and saying they are scared, only to turn themselves in the next day when they are sober.  Make the penalty for leaving the scene of an accident just as severe.  People will be so scared to drink and drive, or leave an accident, that they will be fighting to make sure everyone knows that they are still there.  
But no!  Our legislators make small steps in our drunk driving laws.  Why?  So their out-of-control kids don’t get in too much trouble when their spoiled selves are caught drunk driving?  Indiana legislators – STOP PUSSY-FOOTING AROUND AND PROTECT THE PEOPLE!  I don’t care if the drunks are pissed that you made it hard for them to drive drunk.  These people shouldn’t be on the street endangering the lives of anyone…particularly children.  
I hope that the piece of shit that hurt little Alex rots in prison.  And I hope every piece of shit that hurts another person because he can’t control himself rots right along side of him.  If you are reading this and you drive drunk and are worried…deal with it.  You deserve to rot.  No apologies can take away the pain that Alex felt when she was run over by this waste of oxygen.  This guy had been arrested for operating under the influence in 2008.  He was sent to a deferral program.  That’s bad enough…he should have been in jail.  But then he violated his deferral program in 2009 and was arrested again for operating under the influence.  Why was he not in jail?  I’m sure we’ll hear that someone made a “mistake.”  I’m hearing that a lot lately.  These mistakes are unacceptable.  How about we punish the people who are making these mistakes.  Fire them.  Have them spend a few days in jail for public endangerment.  Maybe they will be a little more diligent in the future.  
I’m not holding my breath for our useless, pathetic excuses for public servants to do the right thing and take this issue in hand.  I mean, they have much more important things to worry about like Planned Parenthood funding and gay marriage.  All these morons want to do is sit around and circle jerk each other about how great they are.  Unless you are all going to put me in office, there isn’t much I can do other than voice my opinion and cast my vote.  But I will be praying for little Alex.  For the little girl who doesn’t care about politics.  Who needs machines to help her breathe.  Who can’t cast a vote.  Who could only say “owie, owie” when the failures of the driver and the legislature caused a drunk to be in the position to run over her delicate little body.  God be with you Alex.  Hopefully someday the people who are chosen to protect you actually start doing their job.  For all of the adults who have allowed these weak politicians to remain in office…I’m so sorry, Alex.  This should never have happened.  You, and all of our children, deserve better.


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