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Be Our Guest – Except Comcast

So I’m doing an industry analysis on Disney today, and I read up on Comcast’s attempt to purchase the company.  The proposed merger, and hostile takeover, of Disney didn’t go well, and Comcast ended up abandoning the idea.

I was interested because I currently use Comcast service.  I can’t stand it.  The service works poorly, and the customer service is horrible.  In fact, a new company has just buried fiber in my neighborhood and I have an order to switch to their service on the first available date (this coming Monday!).  I recently read an article from Business Insider called The 15 Most Disliked Companies in America.  Guess who was number four on that list – Comcast!

It strikes me as odd that a company who is renowned for their poor customer service would attempt to merge with a company who is revered for its dedication to customer experience.  Maybe they thought in influx of management who actually know customer service would help the company improve.  Why not just send your managers to the Disney Institute to train instead of potentially poisoning a company who has perfected the concept of guest experience with your complete lack of interest in customers?

I hate that so many companies, like Comcast, have become so focused on the dollar that they forget to provide any sort of positive customer experience.  Companies like Disney are becoming the rarity in our world…being replaced with companies like Comcast who don’t care about the customers, as long as they keep paying those bills.



One thought on “Be Our Guest – Except Comcast

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    Posted by ComcastCares1 | August 24, 2012, 8:55 pm

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