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Ryan Proves He is Full of Crap

So Paul Ryan is going to create jobs, huh?  What a joke.  With the 10% cut in the federal workforce that Romney’s plan has in store?  That amounts to 400,000 lost jobs when he takes office.  With “tax fairness?”  So you mean that you are going to eliminate the tax breaks for the rich?  No…you mean reducing taxes for the rich with the idea that it will somehow “trickle down” to the rest of us.  But that hasn’t worked up to this point, so why exactly is that going to change?   
You have a “goal of generating 12 million jobs over the next four years?” I can play the “Let’s pull random numbers with no plan or support” game too.  I plan to make 100 million dollars in the next four years.  I have no job that can actually generate that kind of money or plans on how that will happen, but it should make you vote for me, right?
So much in this guy’s speech reaffirms why Romney/Ryan have no business being in the White House.  He wants to talk about the loss of the AAA credit rating for America?  Well, his congress is the reason that the rating was lost. 
Seriously…I’ve said it before.  How can any middle class American listen to these people vomit lies and propaganda like this and not recognize that it is total bullcrap?  Think for yourselves people.  Someone who tells you they have a great plan, but won’t clue you in is just blowing smoke up your ass.  Someone who blames something on an administration when they were part of the congress that actually caused the problem is lying to you.  They are telling you exactly what you want to hear, even though their actions prove otherwise.  Mark my words, if Romney and Ryan are elected, it won’t end well for our country.


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