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When Our Weakness Affects Our Children…it Hurts

I didn’t intend to write a second blog post tonight…but a little girl named Alex inspired me to talk about a problem that I think our officials aren’t taking very serious.  Drunk driving.  Alex is a two year-old girl who was struck by a drunk driver outside of her home.  According to her father “she … Continue reading

Todd Akin…A Legitimate Douchebag

I would like to begin by sending my thanks to Congressman Todd Akin for making my job as a blogger so fun and easy.  When bloggers like myself hear moron make comments like this, it makes us smile and shake our heads…knowing that we have some fun writing to do.  In case you have missed … Continue reading

A Second Chance at Life

I was thinking about wasted time tonight.  You know that old adage – youth is wasted on the young.  How true.  Imagine what you would do if you had the wisdom of age and the ability to go back to your early years.  What you could change about your life would be incredible.  You could … Continue reading

Conservative Security Advisory System

Conservative Security Advisory System Just in:  Tea-Bagger-in-Chief raises Liberal Threat Level to red! Since I won’t plagiarize another person’s blog, and I don’t feel like completely re-writing all of this when it has been done perfectly by another blogger…start by reading this article from Justin Rosario. While not surprising, this is a pitiful attempt by … Continue reading

The Muslim and the Mouse

A couple of months ago, I wrote a paper detailing the dispute between Imane Boudlal and Disney.  Ms. Boudlal is a Muslim woman who filed a dispute with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Disney.  She filed the complaint because she was told she could not wear her hijab while working as a server at … Continue reading

Gunman Opens Fire on the FRC

A gunman walked into the Family Research Council and opened fire on a security guard after making comments denouncing the organization.  Fortunately, no one was killed, but the guard was injured.  Violence is spreading.  It disgusts me that people who are on my side of the argument have gone past speaking up and protesting and … Continue reading

Words Have Power

What can I say? I’ve said that Republican candidates are using fear and hate to stir up votes…and it’s true. On Friday (8/10), Rep. Joe Walsh from Illinois used this tactic in a speech: “One thing I’m sure of is that there are people in this country – there is a radical strain of Islam … Continue reading

Colts: The Mayans Had it Right

With the start of the football season, I will be adding in some football posts to my blog. Being a Colts fan, I will be focusing the majority of these posts on Colts football. I’ll mark each of them in the title so those of you who are following my blog for the politics and … Continue reading

Election 2012: The Legend of Twitt Romney

The legend of Twitt Romney continues to grow.  First, he backs himself into a corner with his tax returns.  Then he makes a fool of himself on the international stage.  Now he can’t even introduce his VP candidate without looking like a fool.  Romney introduced his VP pick, Paul Ryan, by calling him, “the next … Continue reading

The Next Step of Hate

If you couldn’t tell…I have very strong opinions.  I discuss my point of view passionately.  I also have no problem calling people out when they deserve it.  But, as the description on my blog demands, I do have, and expect, a level of decorum in discussions.  While I will make every attempt to persuade you … Continue reading