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Pickpockets, Jersey Shore, and Monkeys

Tonight’s blog is all about trends I don’t understand.  We’ll start with one I noticed tonight.  My family and I went out for dinner tonight and then did some shopping.  I noticed that a bunch of young women kept their cell phones in their back pocket.  Not just in…but sticking out of their back pocket.  You can call me old if you want…but what kind of stupidity is this?  
These girls should just put a sign on their ass that says “cell phone available for pickpocket, please help yourself.”  I just don’t understand how these people can make it through life. 
Next issue.  I really don’t understand this at all.  Jersey Shore.  Everything about this show is horrible. Last year I got my wife tickets to Britney Spears.  They were good seats so I went with her.  (By the way…did you know Britney Spears actually sings?  I had no idea.  I was just there for the view.)  One of the opening acts was Pauly D.  I almost had to tear my eyes out and ears off because of that fool.  He stood in front of his computer (which I’m sure had a pre-set music list) and played other people’s music.  To get the crowd excited he would occasionally yell “fist pump!” into his microphone and all of the morons in the stadium would go crazy.  There are no words to describe how horrible this was.   
The only thing that makes this memory bearable is the announcement that Jersey Shore has been cancelled.  Talk about Decision 2012.  Cancelling this stupid show is probably the best decision I’ve heard all year.  Now we just need them to do the same to Snooki & JWoww.  God help me…I just felt my IQ drop 10 points because I typed those names. 
“Why don’t they ever bring back or remake good shows, like ‘BJ and the Bear.’ Now there’s a concept I can’t get enough of, a man and his monkey.”


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