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Proof Republicans Change the Rules to Benefit the Rich White Guys

I find it wonderful that so many conservatives are discovering what we have been saying about Republicans is true.  I’ve had a couple of conservative friends post articles about how the Republicans at their national convention completely changed or ignored their own rules to do what they thought would benefit them the most.  They did this at the expense of the minority in their party that supports Ron Paul.  Watch this video of the corruption at the RNC.  You have conservatives talking like liberals about how these people will do nothing but create a corrupt environment that is run by a few rich elites who make their own rules.

I particularly loved the guy holding a Romney sign that phsycially blocked the Paul supporters and the complete disregard for the voting system.  “All those in favor will signify by saying aye.  Aye!  Those opposed, no.  NO!  (Easily as loud if not louder.)  In the opinion of the chair the ayes have it.”  Wow.  Don’t even try to show any kind of integrity.  Can you imagine what the founding fathers would have said about that display?  There isn’t even any point in holding a primary at this point.  Just let the rich, white guys decide who the delegate is and force it on the rest of the party. 

Well color me surprised!  Republicans ignored rules, changed them when that wouldn’t work…all to marginalize a minority in preference to a rich white guy?  No…never!  Give me a break.  That’s what these people have been doing for decades.  If this is what they will do to their own people…what do you think they will do to the average American when they are in control?  That’s truly a scary thought.  Personally, I’m encouraging conservatives to write in Paul’s name on their ballots.  I would love to see how many votes they can take away from Romney.  Show the Republicans what happens when you take the rights away from a group of people.  And when we’re celebrating another term for Obama in November…I will have no problem pointing back to the RNC as the point that Republicans lost themselves the election.


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