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Liam Lyon…Gone Too Soon

I’m taking a break tonight from the politics, government, and social discussions to honor a little man who left us today after a long and difficult fight for life.  There are no words that can comfort a family who has lost a child.  As my wife shed tears for Liam tonight…she said to me in a broken voice, “It’s not fair.”  The only answer to that is…no, it’s not.  Not in any way.  This little man did nothing to cause the suffering that he experienced during his far too short life.  Some of you believe in God.  Some of you don’t. 

This is the type of situation that almost makes me understand those who can’t believe in God, because I can’t fathom why a loving God would allow a little man like this to suffer and die while we have people out there who live to destroy the lives of others.  Then I remember that, God never promised us a life free from pain.  He never said life would be fair.  What he did say was, “Let the children come to me and do not forbid them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”  This gives me hope.  Hope that innocent children like Liam will someday inherit the Kingdom through a life that they were denied on Earth.

I took a minute tonight to honor Liam with a slideshow of some of the pictures his family shared with the tens of thousands of us who have followed this little man’s struggle.   If you haven’t followed his story, take a minute to check out these Facebook pages:
I Love Liam Lyon
Lights for Liam

In memory of this incredible little man…here is a slideshowhonoring his life.

Today the Earth trembled, the skies wept,

And the angels sang as they welcomed home

One of God’s own warriors.

We were blessed to have Liam inspire our lives

With his smile and laughter.

If only for a little while.

God has called him home to prepare for the day

When His return will be trumpeted

By the sound of Liam’s roar!

Until that day we thank God

For the little man

Who touched the heart of the world.

For the rain that hides our tears.

And for the thunder in the skies.

That reminds us to fight through the pain.

So that one day we will walk side by side

Through the fields of heaven

With God’s little Lyon.

 In loving memory of Liam Lyon.

February 18, 2011 – September 3, 2012


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