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Judge in Oklahoma Uses the Bible in Decisions

The American Civil Liberties Union last week sought to overturn an Oklahoma County judge’s decision to prohibit a transgender woman from changing her legally recognized name.
James Dean Ingram, who lives as a woman, requested to change her name to Angela Renee Ingram. But District Judge Bill Graves denied the name-change, claiming it was “fraudulent.” In a similar case last year, Graves cited the Biblical book of Genesis and expert testimony to conclude that “the DNA code shows God meant for them to stay male and female.”
The ACLU has appealed Ingram’s case to the Oklahoma Supreme Court in hopes of reversing the decision.
 This disgusts me.  Since when is it okay for our judges to cite biblical references in their decisions?  I have to wonder if there would be outrage if a judge cited the Koran in a decision.  
Even conservatives should be outraged about this.  This judge is denying people’s right to decide their own names.  Talk about big government!  This judge should be reprimanded for his obvious bias and removed from the bench.  This is unacceptable.



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