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The Rumble 2012: The Best Debate of the Election

If you haven’t seen it, please watch Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly in The Rumble 2012.  While there are a lot of jokes floating around in this mock debate, there are a lot of good points being made.  I saw more passion and conviction in Stewart and O’Reilly than I have seen in any candidate in an election since I have followed politics.

I understand that this was really only for entertainment purposes (and half of the proceeds from the live stream went to charity), but there was a level of seriousness in the discussions.  I even found points that O’Reilly made with which I would agree (not many).  For example, Bill discussed why he believes that the political discourse in our country is so poor.  He blames it on capitalism.  He says that people can make money selling hate, and that is what is driving such severe polarization and hatred in our discourse.  I completely agree with this sentiment.

I would love to see an actual debate with the candidates for president that was as impressive as this.  Hell, I’m practically ready to put Jon Stewart in office in November.  Like I said before, if you haven’t seen this, give it a watch.  It’s only about 90 minutes, but you’ll be entertained and you might even actually get some good perspective. 



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