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Slight of Hand: Conservatives Can’t Debate Romney

I’ve noticed lately that every time someone posts a discussion about Romney, the conversation ends up being about President Obama.  Actually, I noticed this a while ago with some of the conservatives which whom I routinely have debates.  I had hoped that it was a localized phenomenon, but sadly I was wrong. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone who has tried to discuss Romney’s many failings with a conservative?

“But look at what Obama did!”

That’s all I seem to hear anymore.  Romney economic plan a joke?  But Obama increased the debt!  Romney proving he is a complete failure at foreign relations?  But Obama didn’t have any experience and look at the riots in Libya and Egypt!  Romney obviously trying to hide something in the tax returns that he refuses to release?  But Obama hasn’t given us all of his educational records!  Romney dismissed 47 percent of Americans as not his problem?  But Obama is a radical Muslim communist!

I like to call this recent tactic by conservatives, “slight of hand.”  They are like magicians trying to hide what they are doing in one hand by making you focus on something else in their other hand.  The problem is that they don’t really have any way to defend Romney’s complete inadequacy as a candidate because he is practically indefensible.  By his own admission he doesn’t have any complete plans for the country.  He is relying on certain “principles” to guide his policies and actions.  But try to bring that up with a conservative and you’ll get a discussion of Obama’s policies.  

I love debates.  They are a big reason that I do this blog.  I think that, as long as we keep an open mind in a debate, we open ourselves to new perspectives that help us learn and grow.  But that doesn’t work if a debate is simply a forum for pointing fingers at Obama without actually discussing the issue.  I would love to see a conservative debate something posted about Romney without using the word Obama.  Just once.  You never know, maybe if they had some good points I might look at an issue differently. 



One thought on “Slight of Hand: Conservatives Can’t Debate Romney

  1. Well, simply said when you try to degrade something of Romney that Obama has done the same or worse is when you run into the "look what Obama did." It is important to see"what Obama did" with his term as president. Romney has a plan of action, it sonds good like it will work, lets do your magician trick and see "how Obama did" with his term-lets see now al'queda is stronger agian on the rise and military leaders in Ciaro said in the House Hearing yeaterday that they informed that they NEVER had the numbers needed for security-State also said now they knew within 24hours that this was a terrorist attack yet Obama weeks later was still blaming an American video for the uprising-now in light there was never a protest. So is Obama the ONLY one who didn't know? How has al'queda grew so much and Obama not aware to where he said at his convention they were on their heels only to hear the military leaders say "they are stronger than ever" even so much as they murdered in Yemen a S security official going into his home? I do not see how you fail to see the importance of "what Obama has done" if that isn't important then why are you voting for him? Are you only looking at his personal beliefs? Maybe you should try the same and stop mentioning "Romney" when you are debating Obama as well-you are very guilty of using this magic trick yourself.

    Posted by sam'sright | October 11, 2012, 12:26 pm

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