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Election 2012: Latest Poll Results

There is a very interesting election shaping up.  The latest polls show Gov. Romney leading President Obama by less than one point.  The very interesting piece is that, even though Romney is leading in the national polls, he is losing the electoral college estimates based on the polls.  Here’s the electoral college forecast I’ve created using the latest poll information from Real Clear Politics. 

Real Clear Politics takes the most current polls from various organizations and averages them.  Their averages are used by news sites on all sides of the political spectrum from MSNBC to Fox News (two of the most politically biased news organizations in mainstream media).  I used the RCP average to award each state to the candidate leading in the polls for that state.  The only perfect tie was in Colorado.  I gave that state to Romney to make the results more even. 

After doing all of this, I came up with Obama winning the election by 24 electoral votes.  This means that the results could be off a little and Obama would still win the election.  If the President lost New Hampshire and Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, or Wisconsin he would still win the election.  With only about a week and a half until the election, this is great news for those of us who support the President.

What it doesn’t mean is that anyone can sit back and let their vote go uncounted.  Get out there and use your vote.  Vote early if that option is available to you.  Either way, don’t let one of the few rights that we have to control our government go to waste.  Vote Obama 2012!



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