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Better Ingredients, Worse Math…John Schnatter is Costing Himself a Fortune

Math has become the bane of conservative “logic” over the last few months.  It seems that all of their rhetoric and lies are getting exposed by peons like me who simply do the math.  Here’s a fun one for you. Tonight I read an article from Forbes that showed how flawed John Schnatter’s, the owner … Continue reading

Conservatives Request to Secede…A Vision of the Future

The stupidity over the election is getting much worse.  There are now multiple petitions from at least a dozen states to withdraw from the United States.  Before we begin to panic (because I’m sure we are all starting to worry), we have to stop and remember that these petitions are the result of complete stupidity … Continue reading

Election Day Stupidity—Get Out and Vote!

One of the most hotly contested elections in recent history will be decided today.  It seems everyone who has a voice is encouraging people to get out and vote.  Today I saw something that I find deeply disturbing.  I saw posts from two people with military experience refusing to vote.  Let me say that I … Continue reading

Jon Husted…Secretary of Suppression

It seems that every day I am hearing some new regulation that has been put in place by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.  Pretty much all of them are attempts to suppress votes in Ohio.  His attempts to suppress votes have gone as far as the Supreme Court, which refused to allow him to … Continue reading

Mourdock’s Comments Costing Republicans Senate Seat

For those of you who read my column in The American Complaint Department, this week’s was about the ridiculous comment made by Senate candidate Richard Mourdock (read the article here).  In his final debate with Joe Donnelly and Andrew Horning, Mourdock was asked about his position on abortion in the case of rape.  If you … Continue reading