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Jon Husted…Secretary of Suppression

It seems that every day I am hearing some new regulation that has been put in place by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.  Pretty much all of them are attempts to suppress votes in Ohio.  His attempts to suppress votes have gone as far as the Supreme Court, which refused to allow him to end early voting this weekend.  He has reduced the hours for early voting, sent absentee ballots to every voter in Ohio with incorrect dates, and tried to write misleading language into the ballot.  Interestingly enough, the unethical moves by Husted are all to benefit his own political party. 

I expect the Secretary of State to make some minor changes that benefit his or her own party, but this guy is getting ridiculous.  He has done everything except attempt to ban Democrats from voting in the election.  My question would be, how many unethical changes does a Secretary of State have to make before he is found guilty of abusing the powers of his office and get removed?  I don’t know what the line is, but I’m sure that he has crossed it. 

It is insane that his antics are being allowed, particularly in a state that is as important in an election as Ohio.  In my opinion he should be charged with abuse of office and removed.  He now ranks up there with morons like Rush Limbaugh as one of the biggest douchebags in American politics. 



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