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The Fall of Conservative Ideals Protects America’s Future

In the last month, we have witnessed a political party that has been shaken to its foundations.  Immediately after the American people sent a message to Republicans that we will not accept their extreme and harmful beliefs, the fighting began within the party.  The loss was blamed on everyone from urban voters to Governor Christie, Mitt Romney, and Rush Limbaugh. 

Conservative business people have punished Americans for our choice in the election by laying off workers.  Others have threatened to reduce hours for employees to avoid paying for health care.  Many of those companies have backtracked on their threats after their sales dropped. 

The decay of the party continued with the announcement that Tea Party Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) would be resigning.  While his replacement may not be any better, at least we’ve gotten rid of this guy and have a chance to replace him with someone less extreme.  On the reverse side, Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren, the bain of Wall Street, will join the Senate Banking Committee which has oversight of the rules and regulations under which banks operate. 

Approval of gay marriage has grown and new states are issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples today. 

Some conservatives are working to have Boehner replaced as Speaker of the House because he removed because of his decision to remove some far-right conservatives from committees.  The extremists and Tea Party element in the Republican party are panicking because they feel their power slipping away.

Republicans are experiencing backlash from their refusal to ratify a United Nations treaty that protects the rights of disabled people.  The treaty makes the Americans with Disabilities Act a non-binding international standard and would not have changed any U.S. laws.  It’s been signed by President Bush in 2006 and again by President Obama in 2009.  Former Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole (R) and a small contingent of current Republican Senators (John McCain, Dick Lugar, and John Barrasso) also supported the treaty. 

In what has to be one of the most devastating aspects of the Republican implosion, multiple business executives have come out to discredit the notion that tax hikes on wealthy Americans will hurt jobs.  Executives such as Warren Buffet and Fed Ex CEO Fred Smith, among others at companies like Goldman Sachs and AT&T, have stated that they would support an increase in the tax rates for the wealthy.  Smith described the idea of those increases killing jobs as “mythology.” 

Of course conservatives are panicking and fighting through all of this.  They are watching their ideology fall apart.  The people of the United States, even many of the wealthy, are seeing that we can’t continue to operate under conservative theories and maintain our position as the greatest country in the world.  We have to support each other, we have to provide for our people, we have to maintain a strong middle class.  The greatest nation in the world can not be an aristocracy.  The greatest nation in the world cannot have the best health care, but refuse to provide coverage for all of its citizens.  The greatest nation in the world cannot allow discrimination of any kind.  The greatest nation in the world cannot claim to be founded on the idea of freedom of religion, and freedom from religion, while writing religious beliefs into laws and limiting people’s rights based on those beliefs.  The greatest nation in the world cannot support conservative ideals and remain great.  In my eyes, the United States is truly the greatest nation in the world.  This is why we are seeing the walls of conservative rhetoric fall before our very eyes.  The people of the United States have stood up and said, “We will not allow elitism and discrimination to run our lives!  We will live our lives supporting the ideas of fairness and equality, concepts that our people have fought and died for over hundreds of years!  We are all in this together!”  And I’m loving every minute of it.



2 thoughts on “The Fall of Conservative Ideals Protects America’s Future

  1. Perhaps your best blog ever!! I hope that you are correct. But I fear that the radical right has experienced only a temporary setback, and that the battle for the soul of American is far from over.

    Posted by Unknown | December 8, 2012, 7:35 pm
  2. Thank you very much! Unfortunately I agree with you. There is no death blow for any ideology. Even those that we think are dead still exist in small circles. All it takes is a charismatic leader and the right environment for them to suddenly be thrust back into the spotlight. I hope that the decay that the Republican party is experiencing forces them to change and swing their positions far closer to the middle. If not, hopefully they will lose enough power to become obsolete for a long time.

    Posted by Dean Spencer | December 13, 2012, 12:28 am

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