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Mourning for the Sandy Hook Elementary Victims & Families

You all may have noticed that I have been fairly silent today.  I’m sure the reason is fairly obvious.  The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School today has struck me to my core.  I am pretty good at handling tragedy, and even death.  However, I don’t take it well when innocent children are the victims of senseless violence.  

As I watched the news of this shooting at work, I began to feel an emptiness.  I couldn’t think about anything but a deep and primal need to grab my fourth grade daughter and hold her close.  I began to fear sending my one-year-old to kindergarten.  I imagine that many of us spent a little longer holding our children tonight when we put them to bed.  It’s hard not to think of those who had their children taken from them today, and will no longer be able to hug them or kiss them goodnight.  My most heartfelt condolences to those who lost someone today, particularly those who lost a child.  I can’t begin to imagine what they are feeling.  Even the thought of that experience brings tears to my eyes. 

I will wait until tomorrow to engage in any discussion of the social and political aspects of this situation.  For me, tonight is not a time for political or social discussion and debate.  Tonight is a time to share in the grief of those who are mourning a senseless loss.  Tonight is a night to say a prayer for the families of the victims and the souls of those who were killed by a coward. 



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