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Conservatives, Please Stop Calling Yourselves "Constitutionalists"

At first, I hoped it was a fluke.  Maybe a few rogue conservatives that started calling themselves “constitutionalists.”  Maybe Sarah Palin loyalists?  Unfortunately, I keep hearing this absurd claim from conservatives.  They really think that they are constitutional loyalists!  It drives me crazy to hear this, and it doesn’t even take a lot to discredit … Continue reading

Fixing Our Broken Welfare System

One thing that drives me absolutely crazy is hearing people complain about the welfare system in our country.  It’s not that I don’t think the system needs repair.  I know it is greatly ineffective.  My problem is that almost all of the people like to complain about it without offering any idea of how they … Continue reading

A Liberal in Conservative Clothing

Be careful, conservatives.  You might actually be a liberal fighting to convince yourself that you are a conservative.  Oh, the horror! I know this because I actually talked to one this weekend.  I was in a hotel having dinner, and I began a conversation with a conservative about some hot topics.  As I expected, we … Continue reading

Republicans Start the Year Off with Typical Stupidity

I guess Republicans didn’t get the message in the election.  Losing the Presidential election and losing seats in both houses of Congress didn’t drive it home.  So they just keep pushing their tired, ridiculous agenda.  Within the first few days of the new year, I’ve read about two extremely stupid bills being proposed by Republicans … Continue reading