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Review: Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet

Oh Myyy There Goes the InternetI just finished Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet.  An interesting book from George Takei about the internet and social media.  This fairly quick read is a great look at the social web through a unique perspective that the vast majority of us will never have the opportunity to experience.  As “the naughty gay Asian uncle” we all wish we had, George Takei is able to give us great insight into his epic rise to fame on the web [see what I did there George?].

The book begins with a look at the early look into his experience on Twitter.  Like many of us, he started on Twitter without knowing what Twitter was really about.  He describes his journey on Twitter and includes many of his more popular tweets and snipes.  He even includes a discussion of one of his most popular exchanges with Gilbert Godfreid.  For those of you who haven’t gone where many millions have gone before (sorry…it couldn’t be helped) and don’t understand the Twitterverse, this is a great introduction.

Eventually George moves on to his life on Facebook.  He discusses everything about Facebook from his realization that memes are the way to attract and keep an audience to his careful navigation of the line separating his role as a source of entertainment for his fans and his desire to effect social changes.  He even includes a discussion of the dreaded Grammar Nazi and the ever-present annoyance of George Fakei.

As one of the most highly regarded Facebook users (in terms of engaged audiences), George Takei is able to deliver many great anecdotes about his experience on the internet.  You also won’t go very far without seeing a tweet, post, or meme that he has posted; most of them very amusing.  In the end, you get a glimpse of social media through the eyes of one of the most captivating personalities on the web.  You even get a hint of what’s to come – Takei 3.0?  Whether you’re a fan or just interested in why and how social media has engaged us so intensely, you will enjoy Oh Myyy!: There Goes the Internet.

Click here to purchase the book from Amazon in paperback or Kindle e-book, on iTunes, or at Barnes & Noble.  Or visit the official website for the book at theohmybook.com.

Not a fan of George yet?  Click here to like George Takei on Facebook.  Click here to follow George Takei on Twitter.



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