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How to Avoid Future Shutdowns and Hold Congress Accountable

congresscloudsWell the government is beginning a partial shutdown today because the spoiled brats in Congress can’t do their jobs.  With these children not able to do their jobs, a lot of people have been discussing ways to get our completely useless do-nothing Congress to stop acting like argumentative toddlers.  In keeping with the flow…here are my ideas:

  • Budgets, spending bills, and debt-ceiling bills should be exempt from any amendments not directly related to the issue.  This would keep these important bills from being used as leverage.
  • Congress should be held accountable for the inability to pass any budget, spending, or debt-limit (which should just be eliminated because it’s ridiculous) bills that could potentially cause a government shutdown or an inability to pay our debts.  I would recommend that Congressional pay be stopped one week prior to the deadline if the bill isn’t passed.
  • Any member of Congress not in Washington should be compelled by law to return.
  • Congress should be put on mandatory 16 hour days until it is passed.
  • Television cameras should not be allowed in congress from that one-week point until the bill is passed to avoid grandstanding.
  • Finally, if an agreement isn’t reached and a government shutdown or default ensues, every sitting member of Congress should be suspended from running in the following election.

We have had the worst two sessions on Congress in our country’s history.  Unfortunately, the members of Congress would have to approve these kinds of changes and there’s no way they would do any of the above.  They want to complain about people being “takers” and draining the system while they are causing more damage to our country and economy than any of those about whom they complain.  These people don’t have the courage to do things that would force them to DO THEIR JOBS.

The only question remaining is do the people have the courage to hold them accountable?

#MakeDCListen #governmentshutdown

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