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Koch Brothers to Spend $889 Million on Election…Imagine the Possibilities

koch-brosI recently read that the Koch brothers political arm hopes to spend an estimated $889 million during the 2016 elections.  I could go into a huge rant about how I hate the fact that they are allowed to do this.  It is perverting our electoral process.  But I won’t…we all know that.  Here’s what I really think when I read this.

Imagine what $889 million would do.


Using assumptions such as the average cost of a home in the U.S., a 6.5% interest rate, and an average of 5 months past due payments…

This could save the homes of 103,072 families facing foreclosure.  

Using the current average student loan debt of $29,400…

This could pay off student loans for 30,238 individuals.

Using the average cost of attendance for in-state residents at public colleges…

They could pay for two years (or an associate’s degree) for 174,724 students.

Using the estimated cost from a recent study (mentioned here)…

They could provide a permanent home, job training, and healthcare to 88,448 homeless people.

kochincontrol_520Using a reasonable wage of $50,000 and estimating benefits costs of about 31%…

They could put 11,676 people to work with a living wage.

Using the estimates provided online…

They could give every one of the 100,000 Koch Industries employees a raise of $8,890.


Imagine all the good that could be done in the world.  Instead, these men use their resources to try to buy the election.

If you have some time…check out Koch Brothers Exposed: 2014 Edition by Brave New Films (below)


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