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Why Conservatives Hate America

Image result for conservatives hate americaOn more than one recent occasion I have found myself questioning a conservative on why they are posting comments that are patently un-American.  For example, a conservative I know posted a meme about illegal immigrants.  She commented that they “don’t have rights.”  We then argued over the 14th Amendment.

In another instance.  A conservative I know posted an anti-Muslim article.  This person actually said, “I do NOT want to live in a Muslim country.”  This was amid a rant that included the belief that Muslims should have their religious freedoms removed so that Islamaphobic people could feel better.

I realized that, while conservatives are famous for yelling about how they are defending ‘Merica, they actually hate what we are at their core.

Here is a list of the anti-American sentiment that I hear from conservatives:

  • They hate religious freedom – they only support it when it supports Christianity.  When others assert this right, they try to restrict the definition (have you heard them try to say the law “doesn’t include freedom from religion?”).  If that doesn’t work, they just go full on anti-American and start saying that it should apply because their religion is wrong (or dangerous).
  • They hate diversity – Melting pot?  Not anymore.  We can’t allow people to come in to this country with different perspectives.  Conservative thought restricts us to the Anglo-Saxon Conservative Jesus perspective.  They specifically don’t want the Muslim community or the Hispanic community.
  • They hate equality – This comes in many forms.  Currently, they don’t want women or the LGBT community to have the same rights and freedoms that the rest of us enjoy.  You can throw the Muslim and Hispanic communities in there as well…at least for most conservatives.  The War on Women is real folks…deal with it conservatives…you started it.
  • They hate the United States government – The point of conservative thought is that the federal government is terrible and most things should be handled by the state governments.  Their loyalty isn’t to the United States…it’s to the state in which they live.
  • They hate the “lesser” people – Conservatives strive for what they think is the “American Dream.”  They have bought into the idea that a person should work for slave wages and thank the aristocrat that gives them those wages.  Anyone who is poor and struggling to improve their situation is looked at as “lazy” and “entitled.”  We live in the richest and most powerful country in the world and can’t feed our own people, but we damn sure shouldn’t be helping the poor and less fortunate.  According to conservative thought, they should just try harder.
  • They pursue the financial ruin of our nation – Conservatives have surrendered the power and money to the corporations in our country.  They are willing to allow us to fall into financial ruin and chaos in order to keep the foolish dream of “capitalism” alive.  It is so ingrained in them that they will see good people bankrupted and children starving while corporate aristocracy enjoys unprecedented riches.
  • They don’t believe in taxes with representation – let’s be honest…the Tea Party nut jobs would be smacked by the participants of the real tea party.  They have taken the name of noble act of patriotism and perverted it.  The real tea party was meant to protest “taxation without representation.”  These people are using it to protest taxation and government power in all forms.  They actually have representation in government and still act like victims.
  • They work to ensure that the majority doesn’t control the makeup of our government – I can’t say that both parties aren’t guilty of gerrymandering.  They are.  While conservatives have done a terrible job of trying to lead our country or put anyone in place that is worthy of being a leader, they have done a great job of positioning themselves into state-level positions that allow them to gerrymander.  These ridiculous congressional districts have led to Congress being controlled by Republicans who can’t even manage their own party, much less govern the nation.  Winning the next election is more important than the will of the people.

The reality is that conservatives don’t want the democratic republic that we enjoy.  They don’t want our country and its people to grow and evolve into an even greater nation.  Progressives are named specifically because we support and enjoy progress.  Conservatives work to stall that progress.  They want a corporatocracy or aristocracy.  They would be thrilled if the country was ruled by corporate executives who made laws that were based solely on their interpretation of Christian principles (notice that I say their interpretation because real Christian principles are a far cry from conservative Christian ideas).  They don’t want what we have built.  In short…they hate America.  They don’t want to live in America, they want to live in Conservative America or Christian America.  They won’t admit it, but its the truth.


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