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How to Push a Conservative Over the Edge

There’s a new game that I love to play.  It’s pretty simple and you have nothing to do put tell the truth.  The result is a conservative that goes over the edge and blows his or her top.  Here’s how you play:  (keep in mind that this will get them really fired up…be ready to deal with the consequences)

Step 1:  Engage in a discussion about Islam with a conservative

Step 2:  When they start getting good and Islamaphobic, bring the fact that Muslims and Christians worship the same God into the conversation (this gets their blood boiling)

Step 3:  When they deny this, bring the fact that both religions worship the God of Abraham.

Step 4:  Sit back and watch the meltdown.

I found this game through real and honest debate with conservative Christians.  I noticed that they would go from crazy (a conservative’s natural state) to absolutely out of control when I put this fact in front of them.  If you’re in person, they will usually stammer and end up with some pitiful rant about how Muslims are terrorists and have just perverted the idea of God.  If you’re online, you will notice a long gap in their response while they Google this.  They will eventually respond with some nonsense from a Billy Graham article or something like that.

In all seriousness, this isn’t just about having fun by irritating conservatives (although that can be a great time).  It’s about making people face the facts that have either been hidden or ignored.  It’s about making them face their ignorance and make the choice of whether to face the facts and re-evaluate their perspective or move from being ignorant to bigoted and hateful.  I don’t blame people for ignorance, but I blame them for choosing hate and bigotry.

If you haven’t seen the site for A Common Word or read the publication, take a little time and check it out now.  Pass it on to those who are still living in ignorance about Islam and Christianity.


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