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‘I Believe in Reason’ by Pastor J. Carlisle, Church of Skepticism 

I know it’s been a while since last I posted. I’ve been…preoccupied of late with concerns about my soul. If such a thing truly exists and, if so, does such a thing truly survive my physical death in an ethereal state to await judgement of how its time on this plane was spent? Morality questions, … Continue reading

Hey Kool-Aid!

Who doesn’t enjoy some nice Kool-Aid?  Have you ever been debating (yes, I mean arguing) with someone and at some point their counter-argument degrades to: “Okay, just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.”  When I first started hearing this a lot, it annoyed me.  It bothered me because it dismissed me as a blind follower…someone who just … Continue reading

Have You Heard the News?!

 The first time I was approached by a stranger on the street and asked that question, I had no idea what was going on. I was just surprised by a random, smiling man on the street addressing me in a warm tone that legitimately made me wonder if I knew him, because he sure seemed … Continue reading

The Suspended or Pending Coffee Movement is About More than Coffee

I came across this meme recently on my Facebook news feed (thank you Liberal Warriors Free for All).  I thought is was a great idea and did a quick search to see how realistic the concept was.  I found that Snopes had done some research and found that it seemed to originate (or at least gain popularity) … Continue reading

Suspended Coffees Interview

The full text of my interview with John and Shannon of SuspendedCoffees.com Please visit their website and Facebook page and support their efforts.   Have you run into any resistance to your movement?  How have you dealt with people who say it’s a foolish idea?   There are always going to be naysayers.  All we … Continue reading

Commenter Chastised by Conservative “Christian” for Saying a Child is More Important than a Pizza Store

While I was reading through some of the general nonsense on a conservative media page, the Dana show on The Blaze.  You remember the Blaze…that is the conservative propaganda outlet that manufactured the “Memories Pizza” crowdfunding stupidity. While reading the typical ignorant comments…I ran across this gem that stood out from the rest.   This … Continue reading

Let’s Get This Straight…What Discrimination Is (and Isn’t)

It has become apparent to me that many people don’t really understand the word discrimination.  Please read and share this post with anyone who you find that makes comparisons like this: Should a Jewish owned sign company be forced to make a sign for a Nazi group? (I also hear black people and KKK with … Continue reading

First, Let Me Apologize in Advance…

If I began writing these posts about six years ago, you would be reading the words of a passionate, twenty-nine-year-old, Hell-bent-for-justice sum’bitch who was NOT gonna take it anymore! I was making a real difference in the lives of some disabled individuals by day; and, (I hoped) giving joy to the people who were in … Continue reading