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Let’s Get This Straight…What Discrimination Is (and Isn’t)

It has become apparent to me that many people don’t really understand the word discrimination.  Please read and share this post with anyone who you find that makes comparisons like this:

Should a Jewish owned sign company be forced to make a sign for a Nazi group? (I also hear black people and KKK with this one.)

Gay bakeries discriminated because they wouldn’t print “gay marriage is wrong” on a cake. (Right Wing News did an article about this…which was the last straw before I wrote this post.)

If you are one of the people who have made this type of analogy…please understand that it’s not the same thing.  And no…it’s not because I’m pushing some “gay agenda.”  It’s because your examples don’t demonstrate actual discrimination.  Here are examples of real discrimination:

A bakery that makes normal wedding cakes for anyone…except homosexuals.  The same would apply to a Muslim bakery that would make a wedding cake for anyone (Jews, Wiccan, Atheists, etc.) except Christians.  The idea is that they single out a specific group of people and refuse to provide them the same service that they openly provide for the rest of the public.

A sign company will print a sign that says, “Congratulations” for anyone but a gay person.  You can replace the word “gay” with your choice of people including “black,” “Jewish,” “Hispanic,” etc.  Again…the same product that is actually offered to anyone is being denied to a specific group of people.

Here’s why your flawed examples are not discrimination:

I imagine that a Jewish sign company would not offer anyone a sign that had Nazi symbols on it.  Because they won’t make that for anyone…there is no discrimination.  It’s simply not offered.  Now…if the Nazi party were to ask for a sign that read “Happy Hanukkah” with a Star of David on it and the sign company refused…that would be discrimination.

An LGBT owned bakery probably doesn’t offer anyone cakes that read “Gay Marriage is Wrong.”  There’s no discrimination because they simply don’t offer them.  In the article I referenced earlier, they claimed that the people calling and asking for cakes that read Gay Marriage is Wrong “were met with the same intolerance that the people wanting ‘Support Gay Marriage’ cakes were met with at Christian bakeries.”  I have some gay friends.  Some that are married.  I have never seen a cake at a gay wedding with the words, “Support Gay Marriage.”  I’ve been to many heterosexual weddings as well.  I’ve also never seen a cake that read “Support Heterosexual Marriage.”  I bet if the callers had asked for a normal wedding cake for a heterosexual wedding they wouldn’t have had any problems.  Gay couples are not calling “Christian” (I use the term loosely) bakeries and asking for wedding cakes with pro-LGBT statements written on them.

I hope that clarifies the issue.  I’m tired of reading these kinds of flawed analogies in debates about discrimination.  I understand why they use it…their point is practically indefensible so they are grasping at straws.  I can’t expect too much.  People who promote ignorance probably won’t accept their foolishness even when it’s staring them in the face.

If someone tries to give you this kind of example, point out their error…better yet, give them the link to this post.


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