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Hey Kool-Aid!

Who doesn’t enjoy some nice Kool-Aid?  Have you ever been debating (yes, I mean arguing) with someone and at some point their counter-argument degrades to: “Okay, just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.”  When I first started hearing this a lot, it annoyed me.  It bothered me because it dismissed me as a blind follower…someone who just accepts what I am given.  Anyone who has argued with me or read my blog can tell you that I pretty much always back up my claims with facts and statistics.

A little while ago I changed how I view this, and similar, statements.  I realized that this was only being said when the person I was arguing was out of counter-points.  They simply no longer had anything reasonable to say that I hadn’t already refuted.  They were reduced to a generic claim that my facts and statistics were the “Kool-Aid” that I was accepting blindly.

With this realization, I began to understand that this meant that I had actually won my argument.  Imagine a politician in a debate who is given an argument by his or her opponent and is answered with, “whatever, just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.”  That person would get demolished in the election.

From now on I will respond to this statement with a very polite, “thank you for conceding.”


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