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My Take on the Marcy’s Diner Owner

I’ve been reading the viral story about the owner of Marcy’s Diner.  You might have heard about this.  Apparently the owner of this restaurant just couldn’t take the crying of a toddler and screamed at the 2-year-old.  The mother, obviously upset by the incident, posted a review of the restaurant on Facebook and the owner then responded in a rant that has made headlines.  Here are the Facebook posts that have gone viral:

Marcys1 Marcys2

I’ve read the responses from both the owner and the mother.  What amazes me is the responses I read from the public.  People are trying to shame the mother and claiming that she is a terrible parent for “letting her child cry” or “disturbing the other diners.”  Many comments are the typical anti-family rants from people without children who generally believe that only they should be able to dine in public…or if a child does come to a restaurant they should be seen and not heard at all.


Let’s dismiss these people’s fantasy from the situation and look at reality.

  • First, the idea of leaving and going elsewhere.  This may not have been a realistic option.  There was no way to know that they could have gone elsewhere and received food any faster.
  • Second, pancakes.  It took 40 minutes to make an order of pancakes?  That is nothing but terrible management and someone who has no idea how to run a business.  There is no excuse for that delay.  If the owner doesn’t want to deal with people getting upset then she should learn how to run her business.  I’m sure that there are some high school kids that work in fast food that would be willing to teach her.
  • Third, pancakes!  Why the hell does this owner care about what the parents ordered for their child?  Guess what lady?  Don’t worry about it.  If you concentrated on doing your job instead of posting psychotic rants on Facebook and worrying about what I order you might not have such a long wait.
  • Fourth, psychosis.  Did anyone read that response?  Seriously.  That lady is unstable.  She actually told the mother that she was lucky she didn’t get physical.  If you read that and think it is perfectly acceptable then you are part of the problem.  There was a time when someone like this would have been locked away for the protection of others.  I like to call them the good ol’ days.
  • Finally, being a parent is hard.  If you have never had children or not had a “willful” child then you can complain all you want, but none of us will take you seriously.  I have children.  My oldest child was very easy to raise.  If she even thought about throwing a tantrum (which really didn’t happen) all it would take was a stern look to correct her.  My youngest is the complete opposite.  She throws epic fits.  It has nothing to do with me “letting her throw a tantrum” or not being a good parent.  We have rules and boundaries.  She has been taught these things and is corrected appropriately when she crosses them.  That doesn’t stop her.  I have had to take her out of restaurants.  I have also been in the middle of meals when she started and had to hurry up and finish so that we could leave.  The entire time spent trying to calm her.  I do my best to stop any disturbance, but the fact is that people are in public.  If you want a perfectly calm and quiet environment for your meal then you need to get your food and take it home so that you control the noise level.  If you are in public…get over it.  You are not entitled to everyone being perfectly quiet or whispering so that you eat at the noise level you desire.  Get over yourselves.

This owner is obviously not right in the head.  She’s quite lucky that she was dealing with people like this or it would have been uglier.  There are many people who wouldn’t have tolerated her acting like that and it might have gotten out of hand.  I can tell you that, if she had spoken to my child like that, I would be one of the those.  My guess is that this lady yells and can’t control her mouth because that’s about all she has in life and wouldn’t actually have gotten physical.  She’s probably insecure (which is understandable considering how poorly she apparently runs her business), miserable, and angry at life for making her what she is and her only defense is to scream profanities at a family with a toddler.  That’s a pretty pathetic life.  And any supportive response to how she treated her customers and this little child is even more pathetic.



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