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‘The Triumph of Ignorance’ by J. Carlisle

Today in America there is a group of political criminals who have learned to appeal to their favorite demographic: bitter working-class people who haven’t the time nor the education to formulate their own opinions. These people have been kept spinning in a hamster wheel for so long, and have become so grateful for the pellets … Continue reading

I Guess #ImNoAngel…Get Over It

So there’s this marketing campaign from Lane Bryant…I’m No Angel. I saw this commercial on Discovery Life Channel.  I love it.  The women are sexy as hell and it makes the point that most of the women we see in advertising are not realistic and normal.  These are normal women. Then I began reading articles about … Continue reading

The Tragedy in Virginia is Already Being Exploited by Pathetic People

Today I woke up and read about the tragedy in Virginia. I even watched the horrible video that the murderer posted. Then tonight I see the first post from a person who decided to use this to further his political agenda… A friend of mine (a conservative with whom I rarely agree) shared a post … Continue reading

Trip The Light Fantastic, Friends (I Fear America’s Decadent Masquerade Nears Its End) by J.Carlisle

Yesterday afternoon my constant companion and owner of my attention, time, and eyes (my iPhone) alerted me to situation at a near-by department store; the name of which I won’t advertise here. It seems someone forgot their backpack full of explosives when they left the store. There was also a note left nearby, leading authorities … Continue reading