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The Tragedy in Virginia is Already Being Exploited by Pathetic People

wdbj-victimsToday I woke up and read about the tragedy in Virginia. I even watched the horrible video that the murderer posted. Then tonight I see the first post from a person who decided to use this to further his political agenda…

A friend of mine (a conservative with whom I rarely agree) shared a post from Alan West. The post third sentence in the post was accusatory of President Obama and went on to mention the President, Hillary Clinton, homosexuality, and the rainbow flag and how, less than a day after these people were gunned down, there is no political outrage like he feels there should be because of the confederate flag and recent condemnation of law enforcement.

He goes on to politicize and polarize the people by discussing how conservatives assign blame versus liberal progressives.

To Allen West should he somehow come across this post: you are pathetic. There are things that should be rightfully politicized in the media and on social networks. This is not one of them. Give the people some time to mourn and adjust to the reality that this man (I actually don’t care who he was, what the color of his skin was, or how he identified himself sexually) took the lives of two people in a cowardly way. In almost as much of a cowardly way, you have use the tragedy to further your personal political agenda. If you were the morally righteous person you claim to be in your post, you would have simply said, “May God bless the families and welcome the souls of Allison Parker and Adam Ward.” and left it at that.

I will not discuss this horrible murder and the implications on my political beliefs.  It was a disgusting act by a coward and lunatic who deserves nothing more than a vague mention as a nut-job (as per my policy I will not use his name because I do not bring these kinds of people any more attention).

I will say that my thoughts are with the victims of this tragedy and their loved ones.  I hope the murderer’s death was painful and that, if there is an after-life, he is suffering for an eternity to come.  These victims did not deserve this and anyone exploiting this tragedy for political gain is a pathetic excuse for a human being.


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