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‘The Triumph of Ignorance’ by J. Carlisle

rich1Today in America there is a group of political criminals who have learned to appeal to their favorite demographic: bitter working-class people who haven’t the time nor the education to formulate their own opinions. These people have been kept spinning in a hamster wheel for so long, and have become so grateful for the pellets they’re allowed to keep, that they have actually begun to forget that they deserve better.

rich2Most of these folks live in the Midwest and the South, and have actually come to believe there is nothing inherently wrong with being a cog in a machine designed to make those who hold the pellets richer while keeping their diligent servants scraping by on their allowance. They believe that the loudest political candidates with the most money deserve their vote, because they believe their pellets will diminish if they don’t oblige them. After all, they are the loudest, and they make it clear that those who don’t spin their wheels day in and day out are bad, regardless of any circumstances. These beliefs are handed down from one generation of paid slave to the next.

It becomes easy to see how the very idea of equality becomes anathema to the masses. The powers that be get famous, good-looking people or well-respected athletes and coaches to tell all the little wheel-spinners to stay in line and save up all their pellets so they can one day live ‘the good life’ too.

rich3But the truth is, there is no happy ending for the wheel-spinners. They simply spin until they physically can’t anymore, and if they’re very lucky they’ll have a small pension to supplement their Social Security and survive a few more years to enjoy the fruits of all that wheel-spinning before dying and leaving behind nothing but the memory of being a “real team player” and an obedient wheel-spinner. So ingrained into their psyches is this pre-destined definition of work-ethic and fear of being labeled as some kind of burden on the benevolent pellet-distributors and society that the next generation eagerly climbs up on that wheel. They do this regardless of potential or desire to branch out because they’ve never considered the alternative.
Well done, One-Percenters. The fact of your continued prosperity is literally etched into the DNA of those you exploit. They couldn’t escape this cycle if they tried. They wouldn’t even know where to begin. That’s the beauty of the wheel, it just goes round and round.

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