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‘Hillary’s Truth’ by J.Carlisle

Much like my last post regarding Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, my opinions of former Secretary of State and current Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton are better expressed through art than words. This is because I don’t have any thoughts about her that can be expressed without offending the reader within a sentence or two. With … Continue reading

‘My Thoughts on Trump’ by J.Carlisle

Since I began contributing to this blog, I have made an effort not to write much about U.S. politics or any specific politicians. Mostly I try to write about things that are more universal in scope. That doesn’t mean I’ve always been successful.  My feelings about Donald Trump, however, I don’t mind sharing one bit! … Continue reading

‘Our Blood-Soaked Hands’ by J.Carlisle

According to estimates pulled from huffpost.com and globalnews.com, the number of black victims of police shootings in the U.S. between 2015 up to today is somewhere between 460 to over 500. That means in only 555 days, nearly as many African American lives were taken by police. The total number of people killed by police … Continue reading