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‘Our Blood-Soaked Hands’ by J.Carlisle

According to estimates pulled from huffpost.com and globalnews.com, the number of black victims of police shootings in the U.S. between 2015 up to today is somewhere between 460 to over 500. That means in only 555 days, nearly as many African American lives were taken by police. The total number of people killed by police in America in 2015 was over 1,000. How many of these victims were unarmed varies dramatically depending on who you ask, naturally. 

While if one breaks the numbers down by race we find more white and hispanic fatalities, those deaths are far fewer in terms of population. A vastly larger percentage of black families have been torn asunder by police violence across the nation. This is happening now, in 2016, not 1960. One can begin to understand how some black people could arrive at the conclusion the police are waging war against them and decide to fight back. Violence, as ever, only begets more violence; and so you get last night’s nightmare in Dallas. You get the riots which broke out in Ferguson, Missouri. 

As shocked as the TV media behave each time this happens, even they must be aware the public is getting so accustomed to these things that they could nearly script the telecasts themselves. Perhaps that’s why, for the most part, no one does a damn thing about it.

Each time one of these killings actually makes the news we get a speech from the President who essentially says “this is f#cked up,” and goes about the business of NOT doing anything whatsoever to prevent the next one. What can he do, anyway? No matter how many times this happens, any discussion of police corruption is considered an affront to the “Great Men & Women of Law Enforcement” who “Selflessly Protect and Serve” their communities as if their very badges make it impossible for them to be racists or sadists. Eventually, it gets put on a shelf. An officer or two might lose their jobs here and there, but those instances are rare indeed.

In most places in this country, the police and local government operate with absolute impunity especially against the poor and disenfranchised. If you’re accused of basically anything and you are poor and it comes down to your word against a police officer’s, you’re not going to win. 

If this constant cycle of violence and death is ever to stop, the police and the people must have equal accountability. That means citizens being willing to hold the police to account and a government that understands its responsibility to protect the governed, even from the people entrusted with the awesome power of enforcing that government’s laws while operating within those laws.

In essence, we have to get up and do something about this or we ALL have blood all over our hands. The blood of hundreds of people, black, white, and every other race soaks our hands by our complacency. Step one is obvious. All of us, UNITE! Simply declare that the world will not be this way within our two arms reach. If we’re standing together, there is nowhere for the hate to hide. Divided? On and on spins the wheel until it shatters.

There are a great many people across the world who are actively seeking to destroy this country. Imagine their glee at how Americans kill each other and save them the trouble. There is a deep sickness flowing through our veins. It will kill us just as surely as any terrorist attack or foreign army. Hatred will burn this place down from the inside out if we continue to allow it. It’s time to get healthy. 

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