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‘My Thoughts on Trump’ by J.Carlisle

Since I began contributing to this blog, I have made an effort not to write much about U.S. politics or any specific politicians. Mostly I try to write about things that are more universal in scope. That doesn’t mean I’ve always been successful. 

My feelings about Donald Trump, however, I don’t mind sharing one bit! Unfortunately, they can’t be put into words which would be a simple, blog-length article. That’s not true…they can’t be expressed in words which aren’t wildly profane and offensive in the extreme. Instead, I will share a photo of a drawing I made as part of my Parkinson’s therapy. The piece is entitled: “Bowel-Movement Face (or, Trump Dumps Out)” 

I hope it adequately conveys the smug, self-satisfied expression of a man who has just (quite happily) shit himself. It’s not an uncommon expression to see on his face.

Perhaps my next therapeutic drawing will be my interpretation of Hillary? I very much doubt my thoughts on her would be any nicer if put into words. We shall see!

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