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‘This Election is About Who YOU Are’ by J. Carlisle

Every election year as Americans go to the voting booth, many cast their ballots not for any candidate in particular, but instead for a party. For a substantial number of people, their party of choice is not so much a result of deep consideration of the party’s stated agendas or platforms or anything else except for the fact they were raised to vote that way.

It’s truly amazing how many people in this country who seem to feel they’re somehow obligated by family loyalties to vote for one party or the other. It’s not unlike how most “inherit” their parents’ religious views. Unquestioningly.

In previous elections this pattern has played out and, though it causes many to inadvertently vote against their own self-interest or the best interests of their loved ones, it hasn’t necessarily been a fundamentally bad thing. Live and let live and so forth, right?

This election is different. This time when you cast your vote you’re making a choice, not between candidates, but a choice about who you are as a person. If you’ve already made your decision to vote for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson, you can probably stop reading this now. You’re not the problem. Well, not the most pressing problem (Clinton voters, I’ll get to you in another post). 

Those of you who have voted Republican all your lives, you’re the ones that need to take a beat before you throw away everything you know about right and wrong by voting for Donald Trump. Really think it through. 

I know how you’ve been struggling. I know you’ve been putting your brain and conscience through a back-breaking series of contortions trying to justify how you can vote for Trump-Pence and maintain the belief that you have done the right thing for your country, your community, your family, and yourself. You won’t get there, I’m afraid. You’ll never get the blunt round peg of his hate-filled agenda through the square slot where you know logic and human decency belongs. 

To choose from among the hundreds of disgusting, reprehensible things Trump has said and done is pretty easy. Take your pick. You’d have a harder time finding something decent he’s ever said. For me personally, if I had to choose one example of what makes him not only unelectable, but unworthy of even the space he takes up; I would have to say his “impression” of a disabled reporter is the cake-topper. 

As you can see in the above photo, Donald Trump lacks the basic manners and respect most 8th graders have attained. As a man with Parkinson’s disease myself, I know how mortified I would be if ANYONE were to do an “impression” of the way my hands and head tremble or the facial tics or the way my voice has been affected. This type of juvenile, thoughtless mockery is unacceptable out of a child, much less an adult seeking the nation’s highest office. 

Anyone who can look at all the things Trump’s done (especially the above) and still vote for him…well, that says something about them. It says they think his behavior is fine. Whatever faces they’ve been wearing their whole lives…whoever they’ve tried to be…no matter how much they want to think they’re good people, they aren’t. 

I don’t write this to be inflammatory, but one simply cannot be both a Trump voter and a good person. They are mutually exclusive things. I say this unequivocally and without hesitation. You have to CHOOSE what kind of person YOU are this time. A vote for anyone except Trump is the only way to get out of that booth with your values and humanity intact. Think it through, dyed-in-the-wool Republicans. Think. It. Through. 

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