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‘To My Nieces (You Are Better Than Trump)’ by J. Carlisle 

Dear Danni and Makayla,

Over the last year you’ve both no doubt heard and seen a great deal about the upcoming presidential election. While you’ve both seen past elections, this year’s may be the first time you’re both old enough to pay much attention. Danni, you’re now eligible to vote for the first time. I very much hope you do. 

This election is especially momentous in history because, for the first time, a woman is the Democratic nominee for the presidency (and Jill Stein represents the Green Party). This election is also noteworthy in that the Republican Party has chosen to nominate a real-life monster for the nation’s highest office. Make no mistake, Donald Trump is more monster than man. 

It’s very important that you understand Donald Trump is not in any way the sort of individual anyone should take for a leader, let alone the sort to lead an entire nation. He is, rather, a perverse predator who believes women are little more than objects to be used for his pleasure and discarded. To him, a woman has no value beyond his own carnal desires and he openly admits as much. He has even spoken of his own daughter as a sex object, agreeing with Howard Stern that she’s “a piece of ass” during a radio interview. Disgusting.

There have been some huge strides forward made regarding gender equality in America. There’s are still some big steps yet to be made. Every step forward that’s been made thus far will be on the road to undoing if Trump is elected next month. Gender equality will be set back fifty years when we cannot afford to lose a day. 

Above all else, it is crucial that young women like you know that Trump and his ilk are the enemy of your future. They mean to strip you of your potential and put you down until you actually believe their lies about you. Until you actually believe you’re nothing but a sex object. It’s a tactic all bullies use to break their prey.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about bullies, it’s that they are in the business of making you think they’re better than you. They always aim for those they fear most. Donald Trump and Mike Pence always aim at women. What does that tell you? It tells me the thing they fear most…is you! 


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