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‘The Party is Over (One Hopes)’ by J. Carlisle 

In the wake of the release of the 2005 tape in which Donald Trump gleefully relates to former Access Hollywood host (and fellow plastic person), Billy Bush, how his celebrity allows him to sexually assault women with impunity, House Speaker Paul Ryan and many other Republicans have abandoned their support of their party’s presidential nominee. (Although Ryan and some others stopped short of officially revoking their endorsement, whatever that means) This is the biggest collapse of a presidential campaign in modern memory. It may be the most destructive thing to ever happen to the Republican Party.

Despite the extreme backlash against Trump and these late-hour withdrawals of support for his campaign, one wonders if this latest disaster is not the proverbial “last straw” for the GOP after the foundations were made shaky by the Tea Party “revolution” of 2008. Is there any way to unify the old guard conservatives with the extreme or “alt-right,” who seems unfazed no matter what Donald Trump says or does? It seems that there may be too wide a chasm between the two sides for there to be any unity in the short time left before Americans go to the polls. 

If indeed this is the nail in the coffin of the Republican Party as we know it, what then becomes of the Democratic Party? Without an official Party of opposition, is it not possible to wipe the slate clean and start again with a representative government with individual members unaffiliated with any group? Is it possible to have elections without the divisive element of “Party” and instead simply elect the best PEOPLE for each office?

If this farce of a “choice” Americans have to make on Election Day is to have any good come of it, perhaps it can be a wholesale reassessment of the way we choose our leaders. After many years of American discontent with the government we have, can we now, finally have a real discussion about creating the kind of government we want? 

I hope so, because continuing in this fashion? It will simply end in our tears, America. 

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