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Dear Greatless Generation…Please Stop Helping

It’s not a secret.  We had probably about the worst outcome possible in this election.  Many of us are shocked and disturbed to our core.  What were these people thinking?  The very sad truth is that they honestly think they did the right thing.

So who are these people?  What they hate to hear is that Trump was placed into this position by the elderly and uneducated in our country.  If you tell them this, they will rage against these facts.  I’m sure they will point out their individual education or the handful of educated people they know who actually voted for Trump.  The fact is that the numbers don’t lie.


In the above graphic, you can see the dark line that represents individuals college graduates or higher support Clinton by a wide margin while those who only have some college or less leaned towards Trump.  When you point this out…make sure you let them know that the way to keep themselves from being lumped in with the “uneducated” voters is by refusing to vote with them.  Pew Research also found that older voters (65+) preferred Trump by a margin of 53% to 45%.


15032107_10154688220281171_3410982344291889176_nNow that these people have won the election, they are on a campaign to excuse their carelessness with their votes.  One way they are doing this is by diverting the attention to those of us who are unimaginably calling them out on this irresponsible and despicable decision.  I have seen multiple posts by Trump supporters claiming that this is all a symptom of a generation in which “everyone gets a trophy.”  The irony is that the majority of the people who are posting this (or supporting it) are the very generation that came up with the idea of participation trophies.  They are complaining about their own idea of what the world should be like!

A friend of mine has a relative that posted about how young adults don’t understand that the Baby Boomers have a lot more experience than they (Gen X, Y, and Millennials) do and that is why Trump won.  That made me wonder what experience they are holding up as a model of expertise.

They complain about “participation trophy” generations – but they created them.

They complain that younger generations want hand-outs for education – but they were born into a time in which a person could receive an education without mortgaging their future.

Let’s look at tuition rates from 1976 to 2016…


Sources: College Board, Annual Survey of Colleges; NCES, IPEDS data.

Sources: College Board, Annual Survey of Colleges; NCES, IPEDS data.

You can see that the average four-year degree cost has increased by about 213%.  During the same time period, the per capita income has only increased by approximately 59%.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I was told my entire life that to be very successful, one had to have a college education.  Now they love to tell us about how they worked their way through college with no debt and got out and got a job.  Yeah…I’m sure you did when it was actually possible to make a decent living and not pay more than your entire salary for college.

That leads to another issue – jobs.  When the Baby Boomers were young, manufacturing was a great industry in the United States.  Computers and technology were in their infancy compared to what we have today.  I have a phone sitting next to me that has more processing power than the Apollo spacecraft that took men to the moon (although I would venture to say that it’s not as reliable as the Apollo computer).  As technology has advanced, the idea of manufacturing jobs that a person could hold to support a family have become a thing of legend.  We will never see them again.

This doesn’t mean the rise in technology has been a bad thing.  Jobs exist today that no one could have imagined 40 years ago.  We’ve created new industries.  What did the Baby Boomers do with all of this new wealth?  Did they put it into our infrastructure?  No.  Did they secure social welfare programs?  No.  Did they invest in education?  No.  They elected Ronald Reagan who enacted “trickle-down” economics.  They thought, “we’ll give the rich a tax break which we’re sure they will share.”

incomegapIt didn’t happen.  Instead, we have an income gap that has been growing since the 1980’s.  Thanks Reaganomics!  Apparently they still believe in that idiotic notion because it’s the same theory that Trump proposed during the election.  Hey, if it failed once, lets try it again!

I could continue to list bad decision after bad decision (I mean I’ve got two Reagan terms and three Bush terms to cover), but I’ve gone on long enough.  After thinking about this, I realized that the generation of people raised by the “Greatest Generation” are entitled and arrogant.  They have ruined our economy and educational system.  They have done little for us other than create problems that they turn around and try to blame on their children.  And now they want to tell us that they are more experienced and that we should just accept their continued bad decisions?

To all of those boomers that I will now call the Greatless Generation – please stop trying to help us.  We don’t want anymore help.  You’re making things worse.



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